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Investment firms work better when everyone is on the same page

PDF Document Split

Create multiple, investor-specific files or reports off of a single PDF document to tailor your file upload and management workflow.

Track Your Metrics

Cash-on-cash, IRRs, multiples, and annualized metrics can be presented to your investors and calculated automatically.

Two-Factor Authentication

This robust verification method protects against unauthorized access and data breaches, safeguarding user data.


E-Signature integration ensures that your signatures are safely handled and readily available when you need them most.

Investment Management

Sensr Portal's modern simple to use tools allow you to quickly manage investment ownership, capital accounts or any other investment parameter your business requires.

Workflow Automation

Our flexible, customized workflows and notifications help make sure everyone hits their deadlines. Easily coordinate actions between all your team members.

Bulk Upload Tax Documents

Sensr Portal's Bulk Upload tool is available for K1's or any other tax documents you have. Save hours in distributing sensitive documents.

Permissions Manager

Allows administrators to define the different roles and permissions entity owners have over documents and email.

Virtual Tags

Assign virtual tags to the list of owners associated with the entity that is related to the investment.

Property Updates

Send property updates with confidence ensuring users receive necessary information related to their invested entities.

Filesystem Timeframe

Specify your preferred uploaded document timeframe for individual investment files, bulk investment file uploads, and statements.

PDF Split Filename Conventions

Save time and organize files with clear entity filename conventions so users can easily identify the file name related to each entity.

Sensr Portal has an excellent user experience. The portal provides a clean, simple way for investors to access their needed data, statements and documents for multiple investments. That in combination with their competitive pricing put them over the top for us

Erik Loptson
Western Wealth Capital
$2.3 Billion AUM

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